We're Entrusted to Equip

Just the thought of it is frightening – our students believe God has called them to serve. They recognize the need to be equipped and entrust themselves to our care. They believe we have what it takes to equip them for what God has called them to do. In essence, we equip the called.

For more than thirty-one years, the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology has equipped more than 700 graduates. Today they are scattered in many career paths, including, banking, academia, law, counselling, management and a variety of Christian ministries. Although most alumni are resident in Jamaica, others can be found throughout the Caribbean, North America and Europe.

Most of the lecturers who influence those entrusted to us hold terminal degrees in their fields. They are committed to excellence and provide mentorship beyond the classrooms and chat-rooms.

I am personally committed to quality adult education. In addition to accreditation from local and international professional bodies, we have put systems in place to ensure and to maintain high academic standards. Curricula are designed with the cultural context in view. This exposure ensures relevance and enables graduates to be better equipped to serve in the region.

CGST prepares students to confront a growing intellectual culture, hostile to issues of faith. Our graduates earn respect and obtain marketable opportunities in their areas of expertise. All of these we are able to provide and maintain the reputation of being the most affordable graduate-level education in the Caribbean.

When asked in an exit interview if they would recommend their programme of study to others, 83% of the graduates answered in the affirmative. They were confident that “the programme met their expectations and enhanced their personal and spiritual development.”


ABOVE PHOTO – President Dr. David Corbin presenting the CGST diploma to 2017 valedictorian Mrs. Michelle Ross-Williams, upon graduating with High Honors.

Why Study at CGST?

Because we are a spiritual, missional learning community, governed by our core values of :

  • and LOVE



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