The basic requirements for Admission include:

  1. A first degree from an accredited institution with a minimum GPA of 2.7 for Theology Programs and 3.0 for all other programs.
  2. If a student possesses a Diploma of high standing and wishes to pursue further studies at CGST, he/she is admitted provisionally as a Degree Equivalent Student and is guided through a process of acquiring an additional thirty [30] semester credit hours at an accredited institution with a B+ or above average before being able to matriculate into the Master’s Program of their choice.
  3. CGST requires a Statement of Purpose from each applicant entering into a degree program. This is used to determine the applicant’s goals, perspectives, and faith commitments. This document also helps to provide an   integrated profile of the applicant, including the applicant’s faith experience, current ministry involvement, if any, and an indication of how pursuing the program of their choice at the Graduate School will help to fulfill their vocational goals. The standard for this Statement is a 1-2 page narrative outlining the items mentioned above.
  4. Each applicant is also required to submit recommendations from their current Pastor or person who provides Pastoral leadership over them, present employer or a professional peer, and an academic advisor. Additionally, two passport-size photographs and official transcripts from all previous tertiary level educational institutions are required. The official transcripts must be received in sealed envelopes and submitted directly to CGST either directly from the institution or delivered by the application.

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Why Study at CGST?

Because we are a spiritual community, governed by our core values of :




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